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✏️ sketch brushset

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all brushes in this set are INCLUDED in the 🌸 Everyday Essentials Brush Set DO NOT buy this set if you already own the EE Set!!

Bring texture to your art with the Vauliys Sketch Brushset including the widely popular Sketch Smooth and Line Brush!
Designed for Procreate, Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint

Brushes ✨Fan favourites
Sketch Smooth - circular shape with chalk texture and opacity pen pressure with tapered tips.
Sketch Smooth Flat - chalk texture brush with opacity pressure with flat tips.
Line Texture 01 - stabilised circular shape with chalk texture and paper grain with spread, opacity pen pressure with tapered tips.
Line Texture 02 - more spread textured variant of Line Texture 01.
Line Texture 03 - more compacted spread variant of Line Texture 02.

Sample Pack:
Line Texture 03

In order to assist you with installing the Vauliys Brushsets, I've created a helpful digital PDF document that will guide you through the process of installing brushes on Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop, and Procreate – some of the most popular digital art software out there. Hope you find it useful!

This is a digital file and you will not receive a physical product. You'll receive the digital file immediately after purchasing through your email.

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All sales are final. If you have any issues please contact so she can assist you in downloading and installing the brushes correctly.

Last updated May 16, 2024

✏️ Sketch Brushset (v1.4)

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✏️ sketch brushset

12 ratings
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